Curriculum & Goals


Developmentally appropriate practices are used to meet the physical, cognitive, spiritual, emotional, and social needs of each individual child. This means that teaching methods are matched with the characteristics of preschool aged children. Active learning experiences using a variety of senses are offered during structured and child-initiated (inside/outside free play) learning activities.

Growing Tree Preschool strives to provide a positive, Christ-centered, stimulating environment where your child feels secure and accepted. Development of fine motor skills, gross motor skills, school readiness skills, language, and appropriate social skills are cultivated through interactions with materials, peers, and adults. Teaching includes development of Christian character, as well as Biblical teaching.

Each month, unit studies based on a Bible story are taught.  A unit on the five senses begins with the Bible story of Samuel hearing God’s voice. A study on nutrition begins with the story of Jesus feeding the crowd. Curriculum also incorporates Learning without Tears strategies and materials.

Curriculum & Goals

A Ministry of Shalom Christian Academy

Growing Tree Preschool is a ministry of Shalom Christian Academy in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania - a PreK through 12th grade school that focuses on developing lives of consequence in the world for the kingdom of God. Looking for information on Shalom Christian Academy’s all day PreK program? Click here.